Mir Projects & Consultants has been the leading port consultants in India and is proud to have done the feasibility studies for innumerable ports spread across the country. With matchless expertise, vast knowledge, deep understanding of the maritime industry and unique thinking, the team stands tall as the ideal choice for ports and maritime consultancy services.

  • Ports, Harbours, Berths, Breakwaters, Jetties , Slipways
  • Cruise Terminals & Marinas
  • Shipyards & Wharfs
  • Marine & Navigation Structures
  • Break Bulk Terminal
  • Dredging and Reclamation
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Coastal Management


Mir Projects & Consultants' extensive resource base facilitates knowledge based consultancy services in design, construction supervision and management of Railway Systems, enabling the team to take Railway projects from concept to commissioning.

  • Railway Terminal & Stations
  • Metros and Light Rail Transport
  • Railway Siding
  • High Speed Rail Corridor
  • Route Development & Upgrades
  • Rolling Stock / Locomotives
  • Signaling, Track Layout & Access Planning
  • Operational Simulation & Optimization
  • Transport & Freight Planning
  • Traffic Analysis & Forecasts
  • Network Restructuring
  • Safety Analysis
  • Rail Transport Clearance


The exponential growth in the airport industry represents great opportunities for Mir Projects & Consultants’ projects management and consultancy services in the aviation sector. The team’s state of the art feasibility solutions are designed to ensure sensitivity to the environment and natural resources throughout the projects conception stage.

  • Airports & Aerodromes
  • Heliports & Helipads
  • Vertiports
  • Seaplanes Operations
  • Airside Operations
  • Landside Operations
  • Terminals, Aprons & Runways
  • Integrated Airport Program Development
  • Flight Procedures & Obstacles
  • Ground Handing Concepts
  • Air Service Development
  • Safety & Security Management
  • Noise Zoning


As leaders in the project management and consultancy, the team continues to expand their focus in the construction, widening, strengthening & maintenance of highways, urban roads, tunnels and so forth.

  • Highways & Expressways
  • Feeder, Rural & Urban Roads
  • Bridges, Flyovers & Structures
  • Bypasses & Tunnel
  • Construction, Widening, Strengthening & Maintenance
  • Toll Gate Management
  • R & R
  • Road Safety


As pioneers in project planning, urban development and eco-friendly housing, the team’s goal is to analyse the extent of urban development in each locality. Mir Projects & Consultants has carried out projects in community construction and township development in their efforts to build a better urban society.

  • Residential & Township Projects
  • Commercial / Industrial / public Utility Complexes
  • Landscape Design & Revitalization
  • Architectural Designs
  • Environmental Planning
  • Utility & Social Infrastructure Planning
  • Integrated land acquisition, design & development
  • Comprehensive Due Diligence
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Sewerage, Drainage and sanitation systems
  • Development and Preservation of tourism and heritage areas
  • Rehabilitation & Development of Slums
  • Transport Terminal & Hubs


Comprehending what drives various industrial sector and anticipating their respective logistics requirements, Mir Projects & Consultants utilizes their extensive network and expertise to find the right innovative solutions that meet the needs of the customer.

  • Industrial Estates
  • Special Economic Zones
  • Logistics Park
  • Electronic City & IT Parks
  • Eco – Industrial Parks
  • Distribution Centres & Warehousing
  • Multi – modal Transportation Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics network planning


The team is focused on extending competitive, economically – viable consultancy services in energy management across Asia. From concept to construction & compliance to cost management, Mir Projects & Consultants believes in uncompromising quality and results driven strategies.

  • Energy Audit
  • Control System Design
  • Carbon Credit
  • New & Renewable Energy
  • Network / System Integration
  • Retrofit Feasibility study
  • Process Energy Optimization
  • Energy Purchasing Strategies
  • Energy Conservation & Utilities management
  • Energy Efficient Lighting & Electrification Systems
  • Power Factor & Power Quality Analysis & Correction
  • Street Light Management Systems